the most perfect fried egg EVER (and some polenta)

attempted a totally new food tonight, which for some reason i thought might be difficult but in the end couldn't resist the simple elegance of the recipe--polenta. and not just polenta, but buttery polenta with cheese and an olive oil fried egg, adapted from a recipe that appeared, i think, in the new york times.

it was a last-minute whim.

it was easy. and delicious. and the cheese (i used jack, because the polenta box encouraged me to experiment with cheeses) added this extra touch of decadence to an otherwise light and sensible meal.

and i knocked another leftover out of the fridge--some chicken stock.

next time, i want to use mozzarella cheese or parmesan and top it with some tomato sauce, because i think that would be out of this world.


"Nay Nay" said...

What are the directions for this tasty treat?

puu said...

make the polenta--i used stock instead of water--and simmer it until it thickens the way you like it. stir in some cheese, if you want it, and in the interim, coat a frying pan with some olive oil and fry up a nice fresh egg.

i still think that if i had used mozzarella or parmesan cheese, some really good tomato sauce would have been heavenly.

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