farmers market!

new favourite way to spend the sunday mornings....cooked stir fry with fresh chicken AND mushrooms, poached it in the donburri soup mixture and then stir-fried the mushrooms with some cashews in teriyaki sauce. YUM.

nothing else to report. i had another good week of sandwiches and finally used up the pita, wraps, and cold cuts. had sweet potato (roasted) fries with lunch today, and there was a huge difference from the time i tried it with yams. i got carried away with the cayenne pepper, though, and couldn’t finish the fries after i didn’t have burger to wash it down with anymore.

i got more of the strawberries--only ones ever i’ve actually liked and been able to eat. i also stocked up on fruit.


potato soup

i finally found something i can do with sweet potatoes--two potato soup! it was delicious--a few small sweet potatoes, a russet potato, some onion, garlic, broth, pureed and simmered with cream. topped with--of all things--an apple! i’ve been eating it all week and it’s been excellent. i am now feeling bold enough to use the rest of the sweet potatoes to make sweet potato fries. i’ve realized that on my previous try, i used yams, which may have accounted for why they were gross.

i’ve had a great sandwich week. monday i went to whole foods and stocked up on goodies like pitas and wraps and some lettuce and the spoils, combined with the cold cuts i got at wegman’s two weeks ago, have yielded excellent results: corned beef, turkey, and jack on a pita; turkey, gouda, apple, bacon in a wrap. tomorrow i’m considering ham and brie on the whole wheat bread.

saturday i’m thinking some french toast with the aforementioned bread. maybe a farmers market on sunday? and of course another go at cleaning out the fridge.