gnudi (ricotta cheese gnocchi)

i pulled this recipe from epicurious.com, and as i trolled my recipe file for ideas this week i was struck with inspiration for the tub of ricotta i had sitting around, waiting to be eaten. aside from the obvious cannoli cream, the two possibilities that appealed to me me were for pancakes of some kind or, in a stroke of seeming genius during work one afternoon, this recipe for “gnudi.” (which i had never heard of, but have since seen by other names on several blogs and other sites)

so, the prep: while a bit time-consuming (albeit in an inactive prep sort of way), the overall preparation of this recipe was so easy that i was able to prep three other recipes whilst this one was going (cherries for the bread, brining some chicken for tomorrow’s risotto, and starting a new loaf of proscuitto-stuffed bread (although this time, i used more of the ham and in larger slices in hopes of evoking more flavor).

then i did the sauce, which consisted of sauteing some mushrooms and reducing some chicken broth, and as this was boiling i formed the bits of pasta. which was also easy.

so then we are left with the eating. the consistency was so cool--like a little ricotta scrambled egg, and the taste was particularly enhanced by the earthiness of the mushrooms and the saltiness of the ham. on its own, the cheese was a bit strong, but i chalk this up to me having made he individual bits of pasta much much too large for any normal person. they were at least twice as large as i should have made them, perhaps even more. so herein lies the major flaw in my meal for the evening. with such large lumps of the pasta, i was quickly overwhelmed by the cheese flavor and as such didn’t eat nearly a full plate. which also explains why epicurious suggests them as an appetizer--which i can fully agree with, having tried to eat them for dinner.

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