friday - comfort food weekend

decided today at work to spend the weekend doing comfort food. usually, i dedicate saturday lunch to this sort of thing, but after discussing with mikey the sunday evening menu, and pondering my desire to finally make that sweet potato-topped veggie pie i’ve been salivating over, and coupling that with the fact that i had no idea WTF to cook for dinner after i got home, comfort food weekend was born.

started tonight with what is quickly becoming my all-time favorite, the ATK macaroni and cheese. i made a few buttermilk-soaked and breaded chicken tenders as a way to use up some of that extra buttermilk (also made a loaf of bread, but it was far less successful than the chicken) and baked those while i was whipping up the bechamel sauce.

skipped dessert, although i had wanted to have a hot mug of cocoa, and just had a smirnoff. sometimes it’s so cold in my house that i get too lazy to even boil the water for cocoa. plus, the kitchen was, as usual, disgusting after so much cooking, and what with all of the lights still being out it’s obnoxious to clean in the dark.

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