found - pancetta!

another entry from the kitchen diaries on this fine winter’s evening.
if you can call it winter when the high today was in the 50s, of course.

but blood oranges are still in season, so it must still be winter.

planned all week to make a nice dinner after my class today, and decided to pull something new out of the unfailingly excellent kitchen diaries. the only caveat: i was determined to finally find some pancetta, which is inexplicably absent from both of my local D.C. whole foods locations.

the columbus circle location, however, suffered from no such lack, and i arrived home this evening in proud possession of a duck breast, a bag of fingerling potatoes, and a pound of pancetta bacon to roast in the oven. the potatoes got sliced and a cold water bath before being roasted for an hour in pancetta drippings with onions, olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. the duck got seared and then finished off in the oven as the potatoes were reachcing the final stages of roasted perfection.

the result? salty and rich potatoes, a slightly overcooked duck, and a segmented fake blood orange to cut through the richness with its acidity.

oh, and a nick and nora charles movie in the background.
bon appetit!

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