quickie "quesadilla" for a bone-chilling night

dreamt all day of something gooey and casserole-y, possibly the peruvian potato and quinoa “macaroni” i’ve been saving for almost a year, but found when i came home that i lacked the energy--and the warmth--to do much of anything at all. decided to do something completely un-weekday-like and crank up the heat, light a real fire, get straight into pajamas and have a quickie dinner. i pulled one of the huge market portabellos out of the fridge, sliced it up--didn’t even bother browning it first--and plopped it on a tortilla with some jack cheese. while the cheese was melting--i didn’t cook it much more than to melt the cheese--i simmered some pre-made sweet corn soup and spiced it up with some pepper, paprika, cayenne and a dash of cumin and drank it out of a mug.

light, i admit, and pretty weak sauce, but it definitely hit the spot.

tomorrow for lunch--leftover risotto with the tomato soup.

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