risotto #4 - cauliflower risotto

pulled this one from a new blog i’ve been following, the traveler’s lunchbox. she wrote about it so eloquently that i couldn’t help myself, describing the cauliflower as “a silkiness and subtle umami” so i had to try it even though i don’t like cauliflower. i was completely skeptical at first, especially as the scent of steeping cauliflower filled the kitchen and again as i started tasting the risotto for done-ness. i felt like all i could taste was cauliflower.


when i finally reached a nice consistency, threw in the parm, butter and seasonings, and let the rice relax for a few minutes, i did in fact taste the silkiness and the umami, and it was subtle and pleasant, just as promised. i’m already looking forward to making croquettes or stuffed cakes or suppli telefono with this rice, because i feel like the flavor of the cauliflower will help overcome the leftover-ness of the risotto, and taste very nice with some cheese besides.

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