more cupcakes! (and icing issues)

pomegranate-blood orange cupcakes. it seemed like a good idea at the time--as in, when i saw the recipe on the cupcake bakshop--and i even made a small batch, but they were foul. not sweet enough, not enough flavor (either pom OR orange) and the inclusion of the pomegranate seeds in the batter made for a very unpleasant crunch.

adapted the tangerine-honey cupcake frosting i found online (also, i think, at the bakeshop) to make blood orange mascarpone frosting, but all of the recipes i found suggested incorporating butter, which to my taste left this very intrusive butter taste in the midst of a light, fluffy pillow of honey and fruit floating on the mild mascarpone flavor. turns out that mascarpone is a delightful substitute for standard cream cheese.

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