rosh hashanah cooking update

well, it was a total wash. the pomegranate chicken recipe i found was easy and fun to make, although a bit lengthy, but the end result was too sweet and overcooked. should i try it again, i should use pomegranate juice instead of pomegranate molasass-i expect the flavor will be less concentrated and less syrupy sweet.

the challah was a total disaster and nearly inedible. it was so bad that it was nearly unsuitable for french toast this morning! i think it’s because i got cute and decided to try the bread machine. also, i was so intent on follwing the recipe that i poured salt directly into the yeast--following directions!!---and killed the yeast. the dough hardly rose at all!

tomorrow i will attempt the brisket. i had another go at the chantrelle/mascarpone macaroni and cheese today and this time the results were edible and delicious, although next time i won’t get so sprinkle-happy with the basil. it does mix well with the mascarpone, but i find the green color off-putting and i also felt like i couldn’t taste anything but the basil.