veal stew

finally had some good stew weather today--chilly, indoors, and snow outside. there was a delightful hiss most of the day as a light snow fell outside. even stuck a little bit! i feel like a little kid looking out the window hoping for a snow day!

so i didn’t quite have all of the proper ingredients. didn’t have any marsala wine, for instance, and didn’t have any “stew meat” at whole foods when i was there yesterday for a massive shopping spree. but i DID snag some serious quality bacon, and the fresh green beans, and some mushrooms, and some osso bucco shanks. i figured that since one has to stew osso bucco for several hours, it should be suitable in my own little stew. i was worried about how long they should stew, since osso bucco usually goes for 2 or 3 hours and my recipe was only for one, but my fears were totally unfounded. the veal positively melted into its sauce (mostly consisting of mushrooms and broth, with a splash of red cooking wine just to deglaze the pan).

as is my usual custom, i served it on a bed of brown rice with some steamed green beans, and a glass of water.

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