becoming a domestic goddess

piles of cupcakes!!

used up the seriously overripe bananas in this cupcake recipe pulled from nigella’s “how to be a domestic goddess.” since i don’t have a proper muffin pan, and i like them on the tiny side anyway, i made mini-cupcakes (although they really have the consistency of a muffin, especially with the bananas). but they were very tasty and made a great dessert after my tragically overcooked pizza.

tonight was a great night for cooking with what was on hand. made the mini-muffins, then i made the pizza, which took care of the tomato sauce left from the ragu, the mozzarella ball i got at whole foods, and some of the sliced portobello mushrooms i had in there.

i’m having a serious cupcake fetish these days. spent the entire afternoon--again--browsing cupcake blogs and pulling recipes. i figure i’ll try to halve most of them and make mini-muffins like these little goddess-worthy ones. they’ll make excellent breakfast treats with a bowl of special K and some milk!

as for the pizza...it was looking so beautiful and perfect, and i didn’t want it to burn, so i pulled it out early. not 100% sure if i just got overeager or if it really wasn’t cooked through, but it started falling apart so i put it back in the oven. and then didn’t hear the timer.

fortunately the result was still completely edible...just not as pretty and all over with the cheese as the original.

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