tuffled egg risotto

so, as beautiful as it looks and as delicious as it sounds, i was not a fan of the truffled egg risotto. the texture with the eggs was definitely interesting and i was fascinated by the idea of making a little paste with the egg yolk and the truffle oil (i used the good stuff from fauchon, and i totally noticed a difference in taste from the chemical stuff i got from whole foods), but it was still too rich, and it left a bizarre taste in my mouth.

i should mention that i made the risotto in the rice cooker, but i really think that didn’t affect what was going on here...the texture is NOT as authentic and al dente as a proper pot of risotto is, but the convenience was lovely and it was still more-or-less edible...the problem was definitely the truffles and the eggs. i think it’s quite possible that i don’t like truffle oil! i hated it when i made the macaroni with it; i could barely eat the macaroni. and despite the considerably higher quality of tonight’s ingredients (i used not only the fauchon truffle oil but the italian olive oil that mikey brought back) and a nicely flavored mushroom stock instead of chicken, i could still barely eat it. i ended up throwing the majority of it away, cringing with every movement. i HATE throwing food away.

other things that got thrown out today--the blood orange sorbet i made a few weeks ago. it was too bitter, for starters, and i got too eager with the lime juice. i didn’t put enough sugar in, and i’m convinced that the texture was off because the incredible sorbet i got at etc etc for ron’s birthday was in the italian style--that is, with some milk or cream, almost like a sherbet. i’m tempted to try it again, this time adapting a sherbet recipe instead of the sorbet recipe. i got a fresh lot of oranges today and i still have others in the fridge. i think i’ll be glad i did, what with the deep freeze in california and all that.

made chocolate grapes for dessert. incredible. but next time i want to use red grapes.

tried another loaf of bread today--it was a bread kind of day--the proscuitto-stuffed bread. i had, again, really good ingredients (including the italian olive oil), but i think i didn’t put in enough proscuitto. the bread has a nice crumb, and brie spread over it like butter, and i love the idea of making a creamy mushroom soup for lunch tomorrow and dipping this bread into it. i just wish i could taste the proscuitto!

finally made a log of cookie dough today. KA chocolate chip, which is definitely my standard as far as chocolate chip recipes go. tomorrow i might do some brownie bites.

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