cooking resolution update -- week #1

well, for my first week i made a pretty solid start on my cooking resolutions. so far as quick meals went, i did chicken/apple curry, grilled cheese, two braises, some meatballs and spaghetti, stovetop macaroni and cheese from the ATK best recipe, and managed to make lunches out of the leftovers for most of the week. off the 'to-try' list, i nailed at least 1--riz l'indienne to go with the chicken curry. i also tried some stir-fried rice to go with hamburgers i modified from some food network recipes i found last year--i mixed teriyaki sauce and minced ginger in with th meat. yum!

as far as baking goes, i did a recipe of scones from ATK--which were incredible, and better, i think, than any other recipe i've tried--and made a fresh loaf of bread. was going to make honey whole wheat, but saturday morning i didn't have any milk, so i used some defrosted buttermilk leftover from a baking experiment months ago and made regular whole wheat bread. the second the bread was done, i sliced it and made grilled cheese (with fresh cheddar) and cream of tomato soup. again, from ATK. i don't even LIKE tomato soup and this stuff hit the spot. i could have kept dunking my sandwich for hours.

(today, in fact, i used some of the soup as yet another dunk--for a meatball and mozzarella sandwich)

was perusing chocolate, chocolate last night with (at first) the idea of maybe selling or donating it, since i don't enjoy any of her cookie recipes and have already purloined the scones, and then i stumbled on the chapter of chocolate breads. that, and the mouthwatering pictures, brought me back to the fold. i came up with a new idea for a brownie -- wafer cookie bottom layer, blondie middle layer, topped with kit kats. this is because i've finally given up the idea of re-tooling the peanut butter cookie bar recipe into something i'd willingly eat, although i have determined to give the nougat cookie bar recipe another try. (this time, lessening the cooking time and perhaps freezing the candy pieces to prevent the utter carmalzied mess that emerged)

this week's task will be to find a good dessert to make for dinner on sunday night. right now, i'm tentatively scheduled to have dinner in NJ with the family and alicia. i'm hoping this pans out, as it gives me another go at the darkroom and my van dyke series. (note to self: get some stonehenge paper to bring home with me)

two stews and a weekend out of ATK. this particular shot is of the un-beLIEVEable tomato soup i made. and i don’t even like tomato soup. i hate it, in fact. but i had a craving for a fresh loaf of bread and some grilled cheese (with fresh cheddar), and taking my inspiration from mikey’s new year’s eve menu, i couldn’t resist.

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