for the sake of my sanity

i'm a failure.
i mean, not really. of course not.

but this week i am. i had so much i wanted to accomplish this week! there was going to be soup, and pastry, and brownies, and a delicious and funky dinner party menu.

in its place, all i have are boxes. piles and piles of boxes. and wayward interns at my job. and not enough hours in the day. and a landlord who wants to start showing my partially-packed apartment before i even move out. and dinner guests coming on friday. and ten hours of pounding pavement, apartment searching, with nothing to show for it.

oh, and a cold and allergies.

and so it is with a heavy heart that i announce that no, there will be no strawberry tart with marshmallows. and there will be no dinner party menu for friday. and that i have to bow out of my very first challenge as a proud member of the daring bakers.

for the next several days, i will be counting on vicarious cooking to get me through the pain. my kitchen, it is empty!!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

The wisdom to know what is possible is not failure!
Better days lie ahead.

Claudia Dunitz said...

Oh Puu, don't fret. Your kitchen will be full again! You'll get over your cold and allergies, and tere will be another challange next moonth. I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll get mine in on time!

sher said...

Yes! This will pass and just be a hideous memory that you can erase with wonderful meals!

Ivonne said...

No such think as a failure in food blog world, Devra!

Hope you're feeling better!

valentina said...

Devra, hope things get calmer soon for you. and hey, there is always the next challenge.

Meeta said...

Take it easy! You will be back with a huge bang. No one fails here. Devra, i wish you all the best with the move!

breadchick said...

You are not a failure. Life gets nasty sometimes and you will get through this. Feel better and believe me...you didn't miss a THING with this past challenge

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