puu's passover challenge, day 3

a tagine! i finally made that lamb recipe i bookmarked in my braising book all those months ago, and spent half of sunday gathering ingredients for, and it was delightful! i was so pleased with the way the flavors combined into something really light, citrusy and special, perfect for an early spring passover dinner.

my lunches, alas, have been an entirely different and much more melancholy story. i’ve had good ideas that have been executed poorly, i’m sorry to say. take yesterday’s turkey-stuffed portobello mushrooms. a really good idea, i think, and very easy to prepare, and a great way to use some of those incredible portobellos they are always hawking at the farmers’ market, but the turkey completely dried out in the oven and when i tried to reheat them in the toaster oven yesterday i was treated to a very dry, bricklike mass of what used to be turkey meat (i loved the worcestershire-basted mushroom as a base, though). so yesterday turned into a sort of throwback to my high school days, when passover meant that lunch generally got skipped.

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