it was supposed to be risotto #8 -- mushroom and polenta pot pie

i was all geared up to make the latest in my path of risotto discovery. it probably would have been apple risotto, maybe with some duck, or a sweet potato risotto, even though that sounds a bit gross. in any event, i've been really enjoying my one-risotto-per-week trend because it's been giving me a chance to perfect my technique and to develop a bit of a repertoire. i spent the morning at the farmers market, scouting out what bounty there was to be had as we slough off winter, but as i was putting away my goodies i noticed a pile of mushrooms sitting forlornly on the shelf, no doubt intended for some long-forgotten nefarious cooking scheme.

i am powerless before neglected food, and so i pulled out a recipe from martha stewart that sounded interesting and in keeping with my goal of eating one non-meat dish per week. since i don't really believe in vegetables, especially those of a green variety, this has been a challenge which i have not always met. on the other hand, i have recently discovered polenta, and i have a hunch that this delightful grain will go a long way toward helping me reach that goal more often.

if only i were sephardic, i could even cook it during passover...
but i digress.

martha's recipe was really very simple, essentially an inverted serving of mushrooms-on-polenta dubbed mushroom and polenta pot pie. i was really pleased with how easy it was to make, especially on my one-burner stove and my off-temperature oven. i separated the eggs, as directed, and was thrilled with how light and fluffy this made the polenta, while the earthiness of the mushrooms went really well with the sweetness of the corn grain.

all in all, a lovely sunday night meal, except that i really should have made, well, green beans or something, and perhaps a small slice of dressed-up chicken breast for some flavor variety. all of those mushrooms really packed a whallop! but that is what leftovers are for, right?

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