wagamama nostalgia

so, tonight it started--i did my first recipe from the wagamama book. obviously it was chicken toma rice. the recipe was easy and elegant. i did a nice mise en place and ALMOST had it under control until i realized that i forgot about my mushrooms. again. (i had also meant to put them in my rainbow rice last night, and forgot. note to self: don’t leave tofu in the rice cooker for 2 hours. it gets soggy. and don’t EVER use sushi rice for the rainbow rice recipe again. it also gets soggy.)

the sauce was nice; it had a tang, it had some cling and some body (presumably because of the cornstarch). i think i might have let the egg cook too long, since i recalled the sauce being more transparent than gray, but overall it was a nice flavor. next time, i need to slice the mushrooms instead of throwing them in whole, and i need to add the sesame seed oil at the end instead of at the beginning. with the egg. i want to see if that changes the result i got with the sauce.

i decided on an ice cream flavor for tomorrow: cannoli. i was originally going to go straight into the low-fat variations, but i found hand-dipped ricotta at whole foods tonight and couldn’t get the image of how creamy and flavourful it would be in the ice cream. so, should i come across some good fruit on sunday at the farmers market, i will try the low-fat techniques on that. either that or do a sorbet.

tomorrow night, lasagna. i think i’ll try that with yogurt cheese instead of ricotta. i want to see what kind of flavor that is, and i really do want to do low-fat alternatives wherever possible. i did fall off my little food wagon this week, with my brie calzone and the fries at lunch on thursday and all of the sandwiches. and i was out of fruit for almost the entire week. on the other hand, i was also good with my running and yoga. it’s all about finding the balance, and i’m still working on it.

bonus note: i tried out the breadmaker this week and it worked like a charm. made a really nice honey wheat loaf that tasted delightful with the PBJ sandwiches i made as well as with the nutella. i’ll either do french toast for breakfast with the last few slices or use it instead of a hamburger bun with my teriyaki burger on sunday night.

last night i did japanese salt-grilled chicken in an apple-soy glaze. the results were...mixed. on a few bites, i could taste a nice hint of apple, but mostly the chicken (i had broiled it) was dry.

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