best recipe and best light recipe

i'm so stoked about my new recipes from Food Network; i found a ton of salads, sandwiches, and burgers that should keep me going brilliantly through the summer. i tried the tagine-style chicken last night, and it was good, but the chicken got a bit dried out. the raisins provided a surprisingly welcome bit of sweetness, but the sauce didn't thicken quite the way i would have expected it to. i made some couscous using chicken stock as an accompaniment, and i'm picturing a leftover sandwich wrap or pita. yum.

note to self: the proscuitto-parm cream sauce pasta is NOT MEANT FOR REHEATING. ew. it was slimy, gross, and turning green. vomit.

i set up a google calendar to help me keep track of my appointments, menus, and goals. i feel good about its potential to help me stay organized and focused.

i got two new cookbooks yesterday, the best recipe book and the best light recipe book. they're both solid; the former is very basic, but offers some excellent suggestions. the later basically takes the former and lightens it, which i think i will find more helpful in the long run. my current plan is to compare the recipes in the book with the ones in my database, and add notes accordingly.

eagerly awaiting the arrival of my wagamama cookbooks, and hoping that UPS was persuaded by my note this morning to leave my packages for me.

i'm out of fruit and this leave me very sad. i really want to make some bread tonight; i would kill for a PBJ right now. i've got a ton of snacks right here, but they're mostly chocolate and cookies and after my super-cream-laden lunch (steak/brie wrap and some of the prosc.parm. pasta), not to mention my plan for the apple-brie calzone as dinner, i was hoping to stay light. maybe some yogurt or a smoothie as dessert, and a glass of juice with dinner, will help me repent.

did a tranquil space yoga class last night after walking/running home from work (which i don't recommend while in flat sandals, but could be a good idea for later). my sun salute is definitely getting stronger, although i'm still having trouble properly angling my back for my down dog. my balance was COMPLETELY out of whack, and i was so dehydrated that i almost blacked out during a camel. my bridge was good. i've decided that i'd like to try and do a review for myself of each class, finding one or two things that i really felt good about and thinking about ways to i improve the other ones. i'm also hoping that my fitness calendar will help me supplement my yoga classes with more running, which i've slacked off on recently, and incorporate some weight training and cindy crawford workout-esque movements into my overall system.

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