quinoa experiments again

so tonight i finally made my quinoa casserole with peruvian potatoes and cheese. except that i couldn’t steam the potatoes and i just threw them in, and i got cute with the cheese and used jack and gouda instead of just plain cheddar. (and i forgot to add the garlic) the result was interesting--definitely had potential. the potatoes, however, absolutely need to be pre-cooked in some way (steamed, for example) before being thrown in the casserole, and i think the garlic would have been welcome.

it was like macaroni and cheese, but with a totally different texture. it was infinitely more edible than my last quinoa experiment, which was just bland quinoa cooked in stock with osso bucco. i’d be interested to give this another go. i also think that apples would taste delicious baked in a recipe like this--especially a mild one like a gala or a fuji or a pink lady.

had another good food weekend--my wagamama explosion for neena, et al, went really well and produced some yummy food. shockingly, the three mushroom soup was the weakest of the lot; the tofu, teriyaki salad and cha han were the best. i used real tofu, pressed and everything, instead of my usual boxed tofu, and i was very pleasantly surprised by how nicely it fried. next time i’ll leave out the chili powder so that it tastes yummy with a sweet and sour sauce. i also want to try cooking with it more, like maybe some of the ‘grub’ recipes.

sunday morning i got my cherries, strawberries, and found some blueberries. the cherries were excellent and i even found some sour ones and made a slump (yum). i threw the blueberries in a salad, but the peaches i got from whole foods werent quite ripe enough and sort of throw my salad flavor totally off-base. plus, i thinik i figured out why the recipe calls for lemon juice--to keep the fruit from browning. i’ve been eating it in bits--first with some sweetened yogurt cheese and also plain. the yellow cherries, unfortunately, totally browned out in the salad and are all bruised because i had to pit them first. very sad.

i made a cherry compote with some of the cherries and used that to flavor some plain yogurt and i really enjoyed the result. what other fruits can i try that with?

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