blood oranges have arrived!

i’ve been scouring my cookbooks for blood orange recipes that i can use during this limited window of opportunity. the obvious one is the risotto with duck and blood oranges, which is to-die-for delicious. i also tried orange sorbet, which i think would work better as a sherbet with some cream and extra sugar. also, truly, i got a little over-zealous with the lime juice

i tried my sweet potato hash recipe again, this time with the ‘maltese sauce,’ but the sauce was foul and i had to throw away the leftover potatoes after not eating much of it to begin with. another flaw was that i didn’t have smoked turkey meat, just some chicken tenders. ah, well.

mostly i want to use one of the beautifully-photographed citrus desserts from ‘a passion for desserts’ in my new year’s menu, but i can’t decide between one of those and the more basic, more universally pleasing chocolate souffles.

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