passover recovery

it’s been ages, but i will attempt to atone for some of my recent sins (in failing to write) with an entry on food and how hungry i was during passover.

i managed, for the first time ever, to eat a diet that resembled actual food for an entire week. i now know that i can actually eat all of the fruit i usually make myself purchase, and that i can add green beans and snow peas to my usual mushrooms on the shopping list. now that the weather is nicer, i should consider adding cucumbers, but i don’t want to get ahead of myself.

i also did admirably with egg salad, potato salad, and chicken salad, and while i don’t see myself keeping them constantly in the refrigerator, they were valuable allies in the fight to stave off starvation.

my goal now is to repopulate the refrigerator, which i finally broke down and cleaned out two weeks ago. it’s already disgusting again. now that i have the zipcar, i think i am going to go out to wegman’s and scope out the possibilities for fresh meat, produce, bread, and REGULAR food instead of the organic fouforra at whole foods.

i need to re-stock the freezer in terms of pizza dough, cookie dough, and, hopefully, danish dough. i feel ready to try it again. i feel ready to have it succeed. i am armed, at last, with my trusty empire red kitchen aid mixer.

i’m thinking risotto for the weekend--i have stock i want to use, a hunk of mozzarella cheese, the parmesan cheese, and some proscuitto with my name on it. i also want to pour through giada’s family dinners because damn, that book is inspired. it goes perfectly with everyday italian. it’s high on my priority list for adding to my macgourmet. maybe a lasagna for tomorrow night--again, the mozzarella. can’t decide. but i need to back away from the asian for a weekend. i did a lot of asian the weekend before passover and while it wasn’t a total bust it was also too much all in one go after the asian weekend with michael. the spring rolls, alas, were problematic. i need to try the rice wrappers instead of the egg-roll-style wrappers i attempted to fry as i waited for ron and camille to get out of the shower, or whatever it is they do together, and get their butts over to the apartment. i also seriously overcooked the duck breasts in attempting to stir-fry them with the hoisin.

the bulgogi, though, is about as good as it’s going to get. it melts. i’ve had better luck when i let it marinate longer, again thanks to ron and camille, than the minimum half-hour michael and i did when i tried the recipe at his house.

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