bridal shower catering

so camille and i went nutsy cooking for the shower. to begin with, i drove myself insane trying to decide what kind of cake to make, and then had to run all over the place trying to find cheese. i also ended up having to scrounge sketchy cream cheese out of the fridge/freezer to make the roasted strawberries and cream cheese cake. and, horrifically, i didn’t use enough strawberries!

on the other hand, i did enjoy my chocolate cookie crust, and the cake went in a flash at the party. the cookies were more or less a succuess, and the kids totally devoured the ice cream. i went out on a limb and made the ‘low fat’ chocolate ice cream--it was very, very rich. next time, i’ll just make yogurt and not work as much with the condensed milk. i think using unsweetened chocolate was another mistake, even though it is technically lower fat because there is no sugar. but the fun part was all of the people who didn’t realize that the cake was homemade, but thought it came from a store! i was very proud. i even saved the extra linzertorte dough for an ice cream experiment.

sadly, i personally was not a fan of the cream cheese cake. it tasted...i can’t describe it, but i didn’t like it much. at least everyone else did, and it was a worthy experiment for the strawberries.

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